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What Can a Cosmetic Dental Crown Address?

Have you recently chipped a tooth? Is a crack causing you to hide your smile? Has an old metal filling fallen out? Are you missing a tooth? Do you feel self-conscious because of a dental issue? Did you know that porcelain crowns can address all those concerns and more? In fact, few restorative treatments are as esthetically appealing as those that use porcelain. It is also one of the sturdiest materials available for completing dental work, which makes it a long-lasting way to complete your smile. So, if you are anxious to be proud of your smile again, a porcelain crown could be an ideal way to achieve your dream.

Why Is Dental Porcelain Unique?

First and foremost, dental porcelain is highly customizable. This makes it possible for a skilled ceramicist to carefully match the porcelain to your natural teeth’s shade. The ceramic even mimics teeth’s sheen, so that the completed restoration is incredibly natural looking.

But porcelain isn’t just beautiful. It is also very strong. In fact, the porcelain used in restorative dental treatments boasts 90 percent of the strength of your teeth’s natural enamel. It is similarly stain-resistant, as well. These properties also make it possible for you to care for your porcelain dental work in the same way you clean your own teeth., helping to streamline your dental hygiene routine.

When Is Porcelain an Option?

Dental porcelain can be used as part of many restorative treatment plans. For instance, your dentist may recommend using a porcelain crown:

  • To seal a tooth after root canal treatment
  • To protect a tooth that had a deep cavity filled
  • To complete a smile after adult tooth loss, as part of a dental implant or dental bridgeTo cover a minor chip or crack, and to protect that tooth from becoming infected


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