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Freshen Your Smile this Fall with Cosmetic Dentistry: Part One

Fall is a perfect time for enjoying the great outdoors with friends and loved ones. Picnics, apple picking, hayrides and pumpkin carving are all great ways to make lasting memories, not to mention priceless photo ops. But if you’re not happy about hopping in those photos because of the condition of your teeth, it’s a great time to consider cosmetic dentistry. Through minimally invasive procedures, you can correct a great many concerns with your smile. From minor spacing issues, staining to misshapen edges, a cosmetic dentist can enhance the beauty of your smile, so you’ll be happy to capture memories, with your smile included!

The Many Ways Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Enhance Your Smile

Professional whitening is often the fastest and most affordable form of cosmetic treatment, and one that can quickly improve the beauty of you pearly whites. By reducing staining and restoring brightness, whitening can make you look and feel much younger.

Veneers are another popular form of cosmetic dentistry, one which uses custom-crafted porcelain to create a more symmetrical smile, correcting shape issues of your teeth, minor gaps between them, jagged edges, permanent staining and more.

But bonding and contouring can accomplish similar results at less cost. That is because bonding uses composite resin, which is less stain-resistant or chip proof than porcelain. The dentist molds the resin onto your teeth, helping create a more beautiful smile. Contouring is when the dentist etches away portions of the teeth that are too large or jagged.

If your esthetic concerns fit these perimeters, your dentist can help you determine which treatment would be best for you, bonding and contouring or veneers.