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Get Back to Business, Like Enjoying Life, with Dental Implants

Is there anything more basic, yet special, than enjoying a good meal with good company? Whether it’s a gourmet spread at the city’s finest restaurant, or pizza from a box served on your kitchen table, the very act of eating can be both fun and life-giving. But what happens when you lose a tooth? Tooth loss in adults is much more common than many realize; unfortunately it can make it difficult to enjoy simple pleasures, like taking a bite of delicious pizza with one’s family, and often leads to problems with malnutrition. If you’ve lost a tooth or teeth, and are worried about the function or appearance of your smile, dental implants provide a solution.

How Implants Are Different

By replacing a tooth and its root, an implant can complete your smile and restore your confidence, allowing you to get back to more important things than stressing, like enjoying another week with the people you love.

Dental implants differ from other forms of restorative treatment, because they’re the only option that replaces both the tooth and its root. This helps provide nutrients to your jaw, and forms an incredibly stable base for securing your replacement tooth. Partial dentures, pontics, fake tooths, and dental crowns can all be used as part of a dental implant to complete a smile after tooth loss.

Crowns are by far one of the most popular options, because they are long-lasting and highly customized, to match your smile seamlessly. But any option for a replacement tooth will become much more stable for chewing and speaking, when anchored by the titanium post

required in a successful dental implant.

Any form of restoration can help preserve your smile’s alignment, but implants are the only one with the added benefit of nourishing your jaw, helping to further protect your smile for the rest of your life.