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Restore Your Smile Beautifully with a Porcelain Dental Crown

There are a number of potential threats to your oral health on a daily basis, from acidic and staining foods to sugary treats that can cause cavities. While a thorough cleaning combined with a filling can be helpful to protect a tooth after a cavity, crowns can add increased protection. By fitting a damaged tooth with a crown, your restorative dentist can help prevent further decay or even a tooth infection. And, since modern crowns can be crafted from natural-looking porcelain, you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your smile in order to make it more functional and safe.

Understanding How Crowns Help

Crowns are popular forms of restorative treatment to protect teeth damaged by cavities, general decay, chips and cracks. But a crown can also be used to complete a smile after tooth loss, especially when supported by a dental bridge or implant.

Though dental crowns can still be made of metal, and some are made of zirconia, many modern dental crowns are made of porcelain because of its durability and beauty. If you want a seamless restoration, a porcelain crown may be the answer.

How Long Treatment Takes

First, the dentist will need to do a checkup to see if you are facing ongoing dental health problems. A cavity will need to be treated, for instance, before a crown can be affixed. Measurements will then be taken so a custom crown can be created for you, based on the size, shape and even contouring of your teeth. Most patients choose to be fitted with a temporary crown while their permanent crowns are created. Then, when the final crown has arrived the dentist can affix it, helping to complete your smile.