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Want a Beautifully Restored Smile? A Dental Implant Can Help

Do you enjoy bringing new life to old things, whether that is a car, a boat or an entire house? Often the only thing better than buying something that is brand new, is restoring something old. It can bring a sense of accomplishment and pride, like few things can, either recreating or completing something that’s been damaged by age or decay. When it comes to your smile, one of the best ways to restore it, is through a dental implant. That’s because implants do more than replace a missing tooth; they replace its root, helping to beautify and strengthen your smile!

What Makes Implants Special?

Dental implants are one of the many forms of prosthetic dentistry that can help a patient cope with tooth loss. Dentures, both partial and full, pontics, and dental crowns used as part of an implant or dental bridge can all be used to complete a smile after the loss of a tooth or extraction. But only implants can replace both the tooth and its missing root, making implants the most stable and long-lasting form of restorative dentistry available.

Implants are comprised of three parts, a post, a fake tooth, and an abutment, which connects the other pieces. The post is made of titanium, which is prized for both its durability and its biocompatibility. Because it is so biocompatible, your tissue can actually grow around the post once it has been surgically inserted, allowing for a stable base for the replacement tooth you’ve chosen.

Many patients opt to use a dental crown for the replacement tooth, because they are durable and esthetically pleasing. But speaking with your dentist about your concerns and ideal for your restored smile can help the two of you determine which replacement tooth is the best fit for your smile!