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Does Your Smile Need Veneers?

We understand the importance of dental esthetics. A beautiful smile can be a source of confidence, especially when attending a job interview or meeting someone new. However, a variety of factors can soon dull our smiles, leading to discoloration, misalignment, and other problems. Fortunately, we can help improve your smile’s beauty with a restoration. Does your smile need veneers?

Common Questions About Dental Veneers

Question: What are they made from?

Answer: Our veneers are made from very thin shells of porcelain. We use this material for a variety of reasons. First, porcelain is very strong and can withstand the pressures teeth must endure. Next, the material is lifelike in appearance and stain-resistant. Combined, these factors mean your new restoration looks natural and remains durable.

Question: How do veneers work?

Answer: The process begins with preparation. We will remove a thin layer of enamel and take impressions. The detailed impressions will be used by a dental lab to create the restorations. When the patient returns, the doctor checks the fit of the restorations and then bonds them to the tooth. They completely reshape the tooth, improving both the shade and shape.

Question: How long will the restorations last?

Answer: With proper care and attention you can expect your restoration to last for decades. We recommend brushing and flossing daily and having your teeth examined and cleaned once every six months. You can then protect both your restoration and your smile.

Question: What cosmetic issues can they address?

Answer: We can employ a veneer to mask permanent teeth stains that don’t respond to teeth whitening, reshape damaged or malformed teeth, or close gaps between teeth. They can also be used to correct the appearance of minor misalignment.