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3 Benefits of Dentures You May Not Have Considered

If you or a loved one is missing a full arch of teeth, many serious issues can result as a consequence. While the first one that comes to mind may be a reluctance to show off an embarrassing smile, more problems linger just beyond that very real psychological impact. Without an arch of teeth, for example, you may experience difficulty speaking, a distortion of your facial profile, or the inability to chew nutritious foods. Using a set of dentures can not only brighten your smile to give you confidence, but also help you with these very real problems you may be facing.

Dentures Give You Back Your Speech

Without front teeth it becomes linguistically difficult to pronounce a variety of common English consonants, like T and D, for example. To pronounce these, the tip of your tongue needs to block the air coming out of your mouth at your closed-off front teeth. This lingual stop can be imitated by those without a row teeth, but dentures will improve the quality of sound. Indeed, they may help those around you understand you better when you talk.

Dentures Give You Back Your Facial Profile

When you are missing an arch of teeth on either the top or bottom, your lips and mouth no longer appear the same way they used to the casual observer. Your teeth supported them in the position they were once held in. Without teeth there, your cheeks and lips may appear sucked in. Adding dentures would fill out the shape of your face. Your profile would return to a more recognizable form.

Dentures Give You Back Your Bite

Without teeth, especially molars, doing the work of chewing can be particularly onerous. In fact, it may limit your diet to soft foods or liquids only. A set of dentures can expand your diet significantly, which would help you to get better nutrition. The benefits of dentures, improved speech, facial profile, and nutrients, can help you lead a more social, healthy life. If you have any questions about whether dentures are the right fit for you, contact your dentist about your specific case.