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3 Compelling Reasons to Look Forward to Your Root Canal

It’s perfectly understandable that you might be putting off your root canal. We know you wouldn’t necessarily look forward to it, but we think maybe you should. After all, you’re doing what’s best for your oral health, preventing future damage, and ending the pain that brought you to see us in the first place. If you’re not looking forward to your root canal with us, you may not know these 3 compelling reasons a root canal can improve your quality of life.

A Root Canal Secures Your Oral Health

If you’re getting a root canal, it’s probably because you have an infection, or the risk of one, inside your tooth. The inner part of your tooth is alive and connects through its roots to your jawbone to carry information to the brain and supply the tooth with nutrient-rich blood. If the bacterial growth gets out of hand, your health problems could become more serious. You can even lose your tooth, which would cut off that healthy feedback through your jaw.

The Root Canal Can Prevent Future Damage

When you get a root canal, your dentist cleans up all the infected mess and replaces it with a safe, sturdy material. This leaves only the strong outer layers of the tooth behind, the enamel and the dentin, which keeps your jaw healthy and your gums happy. If you wait too long, though, a root canal may not be possible. You want that tooth in there to chew with and support the dynamic health of your mouth, right?

You Can Find Pain Relief With a Root Canal

Generally, by the time you need a root canal, you’ll find yourself in a fair bit of pain. A root canal can help to alleviate that pain by ending the infection and returning your mouth to a functioning state. There are few feelings as sweet in this world as relief from a persistent and annoying pain. Why not look forward to the relief? The best way to prevent future pain and problems is to brush and floss twice daily and visit your dentist about your dental issues before they spiral out of control.