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 3 Surprising Facts About Dental Crowns


When you have a tooth that has surpassed the line of damage that can be treated with a filling, it may be time for a dental crown. A well-placed crown can help protect your tooth from more damage in the onslaught of plaque and tartar that your mouth battles everyday. Some interesting facts about dental crowns are rarely mentioned, and they may surprise you to know.

You Can Wear a Golden Crown

Gold crowns aren’t just for the Lannisters of Casterly Rock. You, too, can get one, on one of your teeth. Metal makes a great material for dental crowns because it’s durable and rarely chips under pressure. It can also withstand the force of your most ferocious bite. A metal crown would be the best option for one of your molars, where the material wouldn’t be on display, that is, unless you feel like showing it off.

You Can Have an Allergic Reaction to Your Dental Crown

Allergic reactions are an extremely rare side-effect for some patients, who are allergic to metal. It is worth noting, however, just in case. Other possible problems you can have with your dental crowns include general discomfort, chipping, or a loose fit. If any of these problems concern you, speak to your dentist for a consultation.

Dental Crowns Have a Shelf Life

Depending on how well you practice preventive dentistry, your crown can last between 5 and 15 years. If you have problems with bruxism, you may also see more frequent issues with your crowns. While a crowned tooth does not require special care, it does want you to treat your mouth like royalty. Make sure to brush and floss twice a day and keep all scheduled appointments with your dentist.