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Taking Care Of Spacing And Alignment Flaws With Invisalign

Spacing and alignment issues can make a person self-conscious about their smile, and put them at a higher risk for oral health troubles. Many patients might reflexively believe that their alignment problems have to be solved with braces, a prospect they may find less than exciting. You may worry that braces will be uncomfortable, or intrusive. Adults in particular can worry they will make them look immature. Your dentist may be able to help you without resorting to traditional bracket and wire braces. Invisalign treatment means using clear braces, which offer you an inconspicuous means of improving your smile. Because you can remove them on your own, they are also less intrusive than traditional braces.

How Treatment With Invisalign Corrects Spacing And Alignment Issues

Your dentist will use a model of your current smile to develop a custom Invisalign treatment for you. Each Invisalign aligner will bring you part of the way to a straightened smile. You can remove the aligner when you eat, and when you clean your teeth, but spending too much time not wearing the appliance will extend the amount of time your treatment takes. While no manual adjustments have to take place, regular appointments can allow your dentist to monitor your progress.

Learning More About Your Treatment Options With A Dental Consultation

If you want to correct something like poor dental alignment, a consultation will help understand what options are available to you. Patients with milder alignment problems may be able to see positive changes with the placement of porcelain veneers. This will cut down on the time it takes for you to enjoy a straightened smile.

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