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Restoring Your Smile With A Dental Prosthetic

Replacing lost teeth with the appropriate dental prosthetic is important if you want to maintain good oral health. Of course, there are also clear cosmetic benefits to receiving a prosthetic. Your confidence in your appearance can be badly hurt by gaps in your smile. That being said, your dentist can review the oral health threats posed by the loss of even one tooth. It is possible to receive a permanently inserted prosthetic, thanks to the use of dental implants. Implants help with making it easier to bite, chew, and speak. They also protect you from the problem of jawbone depletion, which can create trouble for you.

Using A Dental Implant To Hold A Prosthetic

When you use a dental implant to hold a prosthetic, it will act to hold it in place the way a tooth root keeps a tooth secure. The process of placing the implant actually involves inserting it where your root was once set in your jawbone. Its presence will create stimulation in your jawbone – that stimulation is needed to stop jawbone depletion. Without the implant, and the accompanying stimulation, the flow of nutrients to your jaw can be disrupted, and the bone can deteriorate.

Are You At Risk For Losing Teeth?

The biggest risk for tooth loss comes from advanced gum disease. If you show signs of gingivitis, your dentist can intervene by performing an ultrasonic scaling, so that this condition does not progress and threaten your smile. Poor dental care and damage caused by grinding your teeth can also cause potential tooth loss.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About A Dental Prosthetic

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