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So I Need A Root Canal – What Should I Expect?

What kind of problems call for a root canal treatment? People can sometimes think of root canals and cavity treatment as interchangeable, but this is not exactly the case. Not every cavity will mean that you need a root canal, and some patients will need a root canal for issues that are not related to tooth decay. This restorative dental treatment is performed whenever a patient has a problem with their tooth’s pulp. This is often caused by a cavity that affects this inner chamber, but it can also result after a physical injury. The pulp houses living tissue that supports your tooth – an infection in this area can be serious trouble.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay A Root Canal

The longer you wait to undergo a root canal, the more risk you face for oral health troubles. If too much time passes, problems with a tooth’s living tissue can eventually become too serious for it to be saved. You should also keep in mind that responding to these problems sooner will mean alleviating a potentially painful issue.

How A Crown Offers Protection For Your Tooth After A Root Canal

Dental crowns offer total coverage and protection for a tooth, which is needed after a root canal. While they can provide important support, a filling alone will not do enough for you after this procedure. Thanks to E4D technology, your dentist can make sure you have your restoration in less time – rather than having to wait, you can have your crown after a single appointment. Made from life-like ceramic, its presence will not disrupt your smile.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury If You Need A Root Canal

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