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Quiz: What Can Cosmetic Work Change About My Smile?

If you could make any improvement to your smile, what would you change? Patients who are interested in correcting flaws, or those who generally feel dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth, can be pleasantly surprised by how much improvement your dentist can make to how you look. There are procedures available that can make your teeth whiter, but you can also correct for superficial damages, problems with tooth size, and even some spacing concerns. Unsure of what your dentist can do to improve your smile? If you schedule a cosmetic consultation, you can learn how to make big changes.


True Or False: Superficial signs of wear and tear created by bruxism can be addressed with porcelain veneers.

True Or False: Whitening agents are equally effective when used for teeth affected by extrinsic discoloration, and for teeth affected by intrinsic discoloration.

True Or False: Minor spacing issues can be covered with cosmetic work.


True! With veneers, you can hide superficial wear and tear that make your teeth look older, or less healthy. Of course, you should be sure to address your habit of teeth grinding before receiving them, as this problem could lead to you damaging your veneers.

False! Whitening agents are less effective against intrinsic discoloration. Luckily, your dentist can recommend other treatments, so that you can still enjoy a bright smile.

True! Your spacing issues may demand orthodontic work. However, if your dentist examines your teeth and determines that your issue can be addressed with veneers, or through dental bonding, you can see a positive smile change without waiting for orthodontic work to be completed.

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