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E4D Crowns Are Available In One Visit

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If you have a dental problem, you deserve to have it addressed as soon as possible. Patients who have problems that require the placement of a dental crown have often had to wait to receive their restoration. Rather than receive their custom-made crown, they have to wear a temporary crown while a dental lab produces what they need. Thanks to E4D technology, your dentist can make sure you have the support you deserve in a single appointment! Restorative dental care protects patients who have suffered problems from cavities, but many people find themselves in the dentist’s chair looking for a crown after suffering a dental injury.

Issues That Make Dental Crowns Necessary

People often think of crowns as a solution to a dental cavity. This can often be the case, but it is worth noting that a cavity caught earlier in its development can be addressed with a filling, and not require a crown. You can also require a dental crown if you suffer harm in an accident. Patients who have a cracked tooth can find themselves in need of a crown after undergoing a root canal to protect against the risk for infection a crack can create.

Receiving An E4D Dental Crown

Receiving an E4D crown in one visit is possible because everything your dentist needs to design and craft it is located in their office. After taking necessary digital impressions, your dentist will use this information to design your crown, and have it made in the office. Because this technology produces ceramic crowns, you can look forward to a restoration that also restores your smile.

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