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3 Reasons To Rely On A Dental Implant For Your Prosthetic

When you explore treatment options for tooth loss, you can find reasons to seek out an implant-supported prosthetic. Why are implants often recommended when it comes to helping rebuild your smile? This modern approach to restoring your smile can help you feel more comfortable with your daily dental function, while also having long-term benefits for your oral health. Because your dentist can provide an implant restoration that looks remarkably like your natural teeth, you can also feel great about how you look. If you are concerned about your candidacy, set up an appointment to have your dentist perform a review. This can lead to better information about implant placement, and it can be the first step in having a complete smile once again!

1. Greater Stability Means You Can Enjoy Better Dental Function

Biting and chewing many foods can be difficult when you are reliant on a less stable prosthetic, or when you attempt to work around gaps caused by missing teeth. You can add to your daily diet, and avoid embarrassment, when you have implant support to help you bite and chew.

2. You Can Avoid Issues With Jawbone Deterioration

Jawbone deterioration is an unfortunate effect of prolonged tooth loss. As time passes, the bone can lose mass, because the roots of teeth are no longer in place to create stimulation. Implants mimic that stimulation, giving them the ability to protect the health of your jaw, and to help you maintain your overall oral health.

3. You Can Enjoy Daily Comfort With A More Stable Prosthetic

Patients with dentures can be bothered by the limited support they receive from epoxies, or natural suction. Implants offer advanced stability, making you more comfortable, and more confident, in the placement of your prosthetic.

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