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A Problem Within Your Tooth Can Cause Serious Discomfort

A damaged tooth, or a tooth affected by decay, can negatively impact your oral health function, and put that tooth at serious risk. Many times, pain and sensitivity are symptoms of poor endodontic health, meaning something is wrong with the interior of your tooth. Your dentist can help by performing a root canal treatment. This procedure will involve the safe removal of infected or damaged tissues within your tooth. Once this has been taken care of, your dentist will seal the tooth’s inner chamber, then provide you with a dental crown to protect your smile.

Issues That Can Lead To Internal Tooth Problems

After enough time has passed, a cavity will work its way into the interior of your tooth. Once this happens, an infection can cause real trouble for your well-being, and lead to pronounced discomfort. If you wait too long for treatment, the infection can lead to irreversible damage.

Not every internal tooth problem is the result of a cavity. Dental injuries, particularly injuries that cause a crack in your tooth, will create a risk for an internal infection. If you feel prolonged pain after physical trauma, take time to bring it to your dentist’s attention.

Providing Expert Endodontic Care

Expert endodontic care can protect your smile, and save your tooth. Your dentist can provide a root canal for damage and tooth decay, and they can offer specialized internal care for complications that may affect your oral health. One key component of restorative dental treatment is making sure your tooth is protected after a procedure has been performed. With a dental crown, your dentist can provide you with a dependable restoration that matches your tooth’s appearance, while providing enduring support.

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