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Using Partial Dentures To Restore Your Incomplete Smile

The loss of one tooth can be majorly disruptive to your oral health, and the loss of several teeth can make the situation worse. You may be concerned that multiple absences in your smile will require several appointments with your dentist, to construct individual restorations. Fortunately, you can address the loss of multiple teeth with the placement of partial dentures. This type of dental prosthetic can be custom-made to fill in the gaps left by tooth loss, while allowing you to keep your remaining teeth. This restoration is removable, so that you have an easier time caring for it.

Creating A Partial Denture For Your Incomplete Smile

Your dentist can make sure that the partial denture you receive is custom-made to serve your unique needs. Your restoration will be designed so that the base blends naturally with your surrounding gum tissue, while the portion that serves to replace your teeth will also be esthetically pleasing. Clasps at the ends of your appliance will be used to keep your partial steady, so that it feels comfortable.

Replacing Lost Teeth Does More Than Just Improve Your Appearance

It is important to address tooth loss, and not just because it can improve your smile. When you have a restoration placed, you can have an easier time with basic tasks like biting and chewing. This means enjoying a healthier diet, as well as a renewed ability to enjoy some of your favorite foods. It can also make you feel more confident. That being said, you certainly deserve to enjoy your best smile. By addressing tooth loss, you can make yourself look younger, more attractive, and healthier.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Receiving Partial Dentures

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