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Quiz: When A Problem Requires Restorative Dental Work

Hopefully, you are taking care to avoid any problems that might call for restorative dental treatment. You can limit your risks for tooth decay by putting real effort towards brushing and flossing your teeth. When that committed care is combined with regular dental exams, you can certainly do an admirable job protecting your smile. Unfortunately, cavities are still a common and persistent issue. When it comes to tooth decay, and any other kind of dental damage, your dentist can do work that protects your tooth, while also avoiding any negative effect to your smile. By seeking professional care as soon as possible, you can contain the potential risk for complications that demand more involved treatment.


True Or False: Dental fillings are used to protect your tooth in the short term, while it repairs itself. You should be able to have it removed after about six months.

True Or False: Dental crowns are not needed for every cavity, but they are required when your tooth needs more support than what you gain from a dental filling.

True Or False: While minor dental damage may be treatable with cosmetic dental work, damage that affects a tooth’s health, or limits its function, can require restorative care.


False! A dental filling is permanent, as the damage caused by a cavity is not something your tooth naturally repairs.

True! Dental fillings offer lasting, discreet protection in many instances, but a larger cavity will need a more substantial restoration. Crowns are effective in situations where your tooth needs more support, particularly when your restorative care involves a root canal treatment.

True! Cosmetic dental care can cover up minor damages, but any problem that interferes with your dental function or health will demand restorative treatment.

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