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Flossing Helps Keep Your Smile Fully Protected

If your strategy for preventing dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease fails to include a routine around flossing, you can leave your smile at a real disadvantage. Unfortunately, brushing tends to do a relatively poor job cleaning those spaces between teeth. When you fail to floss, bacteria can gather in these areas, which increases the chances you will suffer a cavity, while also increasing your risk for gum disease! Taking the time to floss at least one time each day – and making the effort to do so effectively – will offer valuable help in your fight against oral health problems.

Make Sure You Floss Effectively!

For flossing to be truly effective, you should make sure you do it effectively. Many people feel they have satisfied their flossing responsibilities by moving the string back and forth between teeth. This fails to fully clean these areas. You should make a point to move the string vertically.

Supporting Your Oral Health Is About More Than Just Brushing

Brushing, flossing, limiting sugar, and attending regular dental checkups will help you put up a valuable defense against oral health threats. What you should understand is that all of these habits offer particular benefits that are of value to your smile, and skipping one or more can leave you more at risk. For instance, you might brush and floss, but your high sugar diet can create more damage on your enamel, leading to a cavity. You should also keep in mind that your daily care will not take the place of regular checkups – even if you have been able to avoid cavities for an extended period of time, these visits offer significant dental value.

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