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How Fluoride And Dental Sealants Protect Kids’ Smiles

Kids can be just as vulnerable to cavities as their parents. In fact, there are actually some issues that can leave a child at an increased risk for problems with tooth decay. A weaker grasp of how to properly brush and floss, along with a fondness for sugary foods and drinks, can make your child more likely to develop cavities. This is a real concern, even if your child’s cavity forms on a primary, or baby, tooth. One important step you can take to avoid this problem is to set up regular exams for your child with your dentist. In addition to the routine care given to adult patients, your dentist can offer extra support with dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Sealants act to block bacteria and food debris that can become lodged on teeth, particularly in hard-to-clean spaces between the cusps of their back teeth. Fluoride makes it easier for enamel to recover from damage, and avoid the formation of a cavity.

When Should I Start Bringing My Child To See The Dentist?

Typically, your child should start coming in for dental exams at around two years old. At this early age, your dentist can begin offering instructions on proper daily oral care, in addition to providing the routine services you receive. Between these helpful lessons, routine care, and the providing of fluoride and dental sealants, your dentist can give your child a great shot at staying cavity-free.

Encouraging Good Dental Habits At An Early Age Can Have Long-Term Benefits

Early dental visits can help your child grasp the importance of preventive dental care, and can encourage them to make the smart choices that will help them avoid the need for restorative dental work. They can hold on to these lessons, and be less likely to have problems with cavities when they are older.

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