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Taking Care Of Dental Problems That Can Limit Your Diet

Tooth pain is hardly the only consequence of oral health trouble. While dental pain and sensitivity can be a familiar concern for those who have experienced troubles requiring restorative dental care, other issues can also arise when you need treatment. You may find yourself struggling to enjoy a full diet due to a limited ability to bite and chew food. Patients who have lost teeth may simply lack the ability to work through firmer, tougher items. In cases where a person is dealing with TMJ dysfunction, the physical acts of biting and chewing can be more difficult to perform. If you have an issue robbing you of the ability to enjoy a full selection of foods, it could impact your overall well-being by interfering with your ability to maintain a healthy diet.

Tooth Loss Can Make It Harder To Bite And Chew Certain Foods

When a patient has teeth missing, they may give up on their favorite foods simply because biting and chewing are too difficult. If you want to receive prosthetic care with functional advantages, talk to your dentist about receiving dental implants to hold your restoration. The greater stability can make dental functions easier to manage, and implants can protect you against a deterioration of your jawbone.

Struggling To Move Your Jaw? TMJ Problems Could Be Affecting You

If you are troubled by sensations of pain when you move your jaw, or the limited capacity to do so, you may be struggling with TMJ dysfunction. These problems can also lead to pain in your face and neck, and may be the source of chronic headaches. Your dentist can work with you to relieve your discomfort.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Help You Address Problems Affecting Your Dental Function

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