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What Kind Of Care Should You Expect For An Advanced Cavity?

A cavity forms when a tooth suffers more decay than it can repair on its own. Once that occurs, the cavity will continue to grow until professional treatment is provided. In the early stages of tooth decay, your dentist can protect your smile by removing the infected area, and protecting your tooth with a dental filling. However, if you do not feel discomfort, and fail to attend regular dental exams, your cavity can continue to grow until it causes internal problems, and puts your overall oral health at risk. Advanced cavities can allow an infection to affect the tooth’s living tissues, and even spread through the root into your jawbone. Your dentist can put a stop to this with the appropriate restorative dental care.

Can I Lose A Tooth Because Of A Cavity?

Only the most severe cases of tooth decay will end with a tooth extraction. Your dentist will only use this method as a last resort. In many cases, an advanced cavity will be treated by the performance of a root canal treatment. At the end of that procedure, your dentist can equip the tooth with a dental crown.

Enjoying Access To A Same-Day Dental Crown

In the past, patients have had to wait for their crown to be constructed at a dental lab. Because your dentist’s office has E4D technology at the ready, your restoration can be provided in a single appointment. Your tooth will be measured, and your custom crown will be designed and made on site, then fitted on your tooth. Because this technology produces ceramic crowns, you will have a restoration that looks like your natural tooth.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Dealing With An Advanced Cavity

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