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How A Dental Bridge Can Restore Your Smile After Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can be one of the most difficult oral health issues a person can face. The matter can cause you to feel self-conscious, and interfere with how you bite and chew. It can also lead to further difficulties as it increases your risk for losing more teeth. When you have a permanently placed dental prosthetic, you can make your smile complete again, while also improving your dental function. Your dentist can offer permanent support with a dental bridge. Because the bridge is secured with dental crowns, you can have stability without needing to undergo oral surgery. If you have questions about dental bridges, or want to explore your options when it comes to addressing missing teeth, arrange a consultation with your dentist. Modern prosthetic work can provide you with a life-like, supportive restoration that improves your confidence, and dental function.

An Incomplete Smile Can Cause Difficulties

The functional effects of tooth loss can depend on what tooth is lost, or how many teeth are missing. With that said, even one absence can cause interference with your ability to bite and chew food. If a space is created in an area of your smile that is easy to observe, you can become self-conscious. It should be noted that if you have to modify your biting and chewing habits, you can put excess wear and tear on your remaining teeth, and you may find yourself dealing with strain on your jaw joints.

Other Options You Can Rely On To Address Tooth Loss

You can look forward to reliable support from your dental bridge, but this is not your only treatment option. Many people will be interested in how the support of a dental implant can help them. While implants do require oral surgery, they can offer remarkable stability, and offer positive oral health benefits.

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