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Dental Implants Can Help Address The Loss Of Tooth Roots

Prosthetic dental work will address gaps in your smile that are created when teeth have been lost. In many cases, a patient’s interest will be in the cosmetic improvement they can enjoy from prosthetic work. However, this is not the only need that should be addressed. When a tooth is lost, you should also consider the impact of having lost your tooth root. The roots of teeth help keep them stable, and they create stimulation in your jawbone, which sustains its health. You can address missing roots by having prosthetic support aided by dental implants. Dental implants will offer you a way to permanently keep your restoration secure, and even improve their function. There are also long-term benefits to your oral health that prosthetic support without implants is not able to provide.

Why Are Implants Beneficial To Prosthetic Dental Work?

You can enjoy prosthetic support – even permanent support – without using dental implants. For instance, you could receive a dental bridge, which can be permanently set. However, only implants offer support for the health of your jaw. Their presence produces the stimulation normally provided by the roots of teeth. They can also help keep neighboring teeth secure by stabilizing the roots of neighboring teeth, which will limit the risk of them shifting, or being lost.

Am I Going To Be Approved For Dental Implants?

Patients can often be approved for dental implants, though there are cases where issues like gum disease need to be addressed before you can move forward. If your jawbone has deteriorated or weakened, you could require a bone graft before moving forward. It should be noted that implant placement is a surgical procedure, meaning you do need to be healthy enough to undergo a procedure.

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