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How Can One Missing Tooth Affect Your Oral Health?

A single missing tooth will do more to you than just affect the way you look. It only takes the loss of one tooth to expose you to some frustrating oral health issues. One problem is that the neighboring teeth are now less secured, and more likely to be lost. That gap can also lead to changes in the way you bite and chew food, which can lead to painful TMJ issues. Fortunately, a dental prosthetic can permanently occupy the space left behind by that missing tooth. With dental implant support, it is possible to enjoy advanced support, and avoid issues with your jawbone, and to significantly limit inappropriate movement from neighboring teeth.

How A Missing Tooth Can Lead To Additional Losses

Your teeth are secured to your jawbone by their roots. This is a vital source of stability, but it not the only source – the close proximity of teeth helps to limit their movement. When you have a missing tooth, both of its neighbors can be vulnerable because it is easier for them to become loosened. Using an implant instead of a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth means you do not have to have those teeth modified to support dental crowns, which offers them further support.

Enjoying Long-Term Prosthetic Support With A Dental Implant

Dental implants are great for supporting dental prosthetics, improving dental function after tooth loss, and generally making you feel more comfortable with a restoration. Implants are also effective at supporting the health of your jawbone. Once secured to the bone, these artificial tooth roots will provide the kind of stimulation your actual root once supplied, which helps to keep the jawbone healthy.

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