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Keep Your Replacement Tooth In Place With A Dental Implant

How secure will your prosthetic tooth be once it has been placed? This is an important question, as the stability of your restoration can affect your ability to bite and chew, and even your comfort with speaking and laughing. You can be happy to know that a prosthetic held in place by a dental implant can enjoy remarkable durability, so that you can enjoy better dental function. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office can speak with you about using an implant to hold your restoration. Implant support can help with an individual lost tooth, and a sequence of implants can be put in place to hold larger restorations. In fact, patients who receive hybrid dentures can have a full prosthetic dental arch secured by implants.

What Can An Implant Do For Your Prosthetic Experience?

A dental implant is meant to make a prosthetic more comfortable, and more dependable, for a person looking to regain a complete smile. These small titanium posts are able to act like artificial roots, and hold a restoration to your jawbone. The presence of the implant can help stabilize your neighboring teeth, and it makes biting and chewing easier. In the long term, the presence of a dental implant as part of your prosthetic dental work can actually protect the health of your jawbone, as implants create stimulation that keep the bone in good health.

Receiving Your Dental Implant

Your dentist will need to identify the precise location where your implant should be placed. These posts are inserted directly in the jawbone, where they occupy a space once filled with your tooth root. Before moving forward with that placement, your oral health will be evaluated, to make sure you are a good candidate. Problems that are identified can typically be treated, so you can still look forward to dependable support for your dental work.

Addressing The Loss Of Multiple Teeth

Losing multiple teeth can hurt your confidence, your dental function, and your oral health. Fortunately, implants make functional and cosmetic improvements possible even if you are missing several, most, or all of your teeth. Implants are strong enough and dependable enough that a series of them can be counted on to keep a full denture in place. This means you will not have to fret over the restoration slipping out of place, and you can once again enjoy a more varied diet.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Receiving A Dental Implant

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