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Our Dental Office Can Fully Restore An Injured Tooth

A tooth injury can lead to pain, problems with your smile, and concerns about your oral health. If an injury causes internal tooth problems, or leads to an infection, it can quickly become uncomfortable, and without treatment that tooth could be lost! At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we are prepared to address the needs of patients who arrive with dental injuries. This means more than just making our practice available to you in the event of a dental emergency. When a tooth’s well-being is threatened by trauma, we can provide the necessary endodontic care to save it, and protect you from potentially serious issues with your smile and oral health.

We Address The Health And Appearance Of An Injured Tooth

Any time a person suffers a tooth injury, there is the possibility of permanent damage that needs to be addressed. If your tooth is chipped or cracked, the damage will be permanent. You also have to worry about the long-term health of your tooth if it develops an infection. When responding to cases involving dental injuries, our practice will take the time to fully evaluate the tooth to determine how to best treat the problem. While we aim to provide the most conservative treatment solutions for our patients, we can make sure that the matter is fully resolved, so you no longer have to worry about discomfort or physical flaws.

Emergency Dental Care You Can Count On

Our patients can count on our practice for support if they need emergency dental care. We understand that emergencies can be scary, and that without a quick response a tooth’s condition may deteriorate. During urgent care, we can use a root canal treatment to resolve any internal issues that might occur because of your injury before restoring your tooth. If your problem results in tooth loss, and the tooth cannot be restored, we can start planning prosthetic dental work to effectively restore your smile.

We Can Improve Your Smile By Restoring Dental Damage

Because our office produces and places lifelike dental crowns, we can provide a cosmetically pleasing solution to a dental injury! We use E4D technology to craft custom crowns on site, which ensures that you can have your tooth restored in just one visit. This technology produces lifelike restorations, which means you can leave our practice showing off a smile that still looks healthy and natural.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Restoring Your Injured Tooth

At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, patients who come to us in need of care for a dental injury can count on prompt, but thorough, support. After evaluating your injured tooth and determining the right treatment solution, we can move forward with efficient care, including care with lifelike crowns we can produce in our office! Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling (508) 842-8838.