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Careful Contouring Can Lead To Great Smile Improvements

There are several approaches to cosmetic dental work that can lead to meaningful smile improvements. In some cases, our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice can recommend cosmetic improvements that will not require the placement of restorations to hide flaws. Through tooth contouring and gum contouring treatments, we can change the shape of your teeth in order to make desirable improvements while minimizing changes to your smile. Tooth contouring helps fix teeth that look misshapen, appear too large, or otherwise seem out of place because of their shape or size. Through gum contouring, we can make a person’s smile appear more even, or reveal more of their teeth so they no longer appear short or squat.

How Reshaping Teeth And Gums Can Lead To Great Smile Improvements

Not all smile improvements call for dental veneers, or the application of composite resin to hide unsightly issues. If you have issues with bulky or uneven gum tissues, your teeth may look uncommonly short, or your smile may appear lopsided or asymmetrical. Misshapen teeth, or teeth that stand out for being too large, can also have a disruptive effect that people wish to correct. A careful reshaping of your gums, or contouring work for certain teeth, can lead to dramatic changes, and reveal your best smile!

Planning A Tooth Contouring Procedure

Tooth contouring work can be performed on its own, but many people undergo both tooth bonding and tooth contouring to see all of their desired improvements. Both of these approaches make the crafting and placement of permanent restorations unnecessary. Through tooth contouring, your dentist will carefully trim away excess enamel in order to bring down a tooth’s size, or correct it if it appears jagged or otherwise uneven. This work can also be a conservative treatment option to correct a mild chip that mars a tooth’s shape.

Arranging Gum Contouring Work

Gum contouring treatments help patients with uneven smiles, and those who have short or squat teeth. At our practice, we use lasers to carefully and precisely remove tissues. This technology helps make contouring highly accurate, and it can lead to faster treatment times. The measured removal of excess periodontal tissues can make a person’s appearance more symmetrical, and it can safely reveal more of their tooth structure.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Help You Make Great Improvements To Your Smile!

At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, we provide patients with modern cosmetic dental services. After an analysis, and after talking with you about your goals for smile improvement, we can determine the ideal procedure (or procedures) for giving you your ideal improvements. We also offer a range of important preventive and restorative services, so we can help you and your family keep your teeth in the best possible shape. Contact us to schedule an appointment at (508) 842-8838.