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Fully Caring For A Loosened Or Lost Tooth

While it would be hard to think of any dental injury as “good,” an injury that leaves your tooth loose – or knocked out completely – can certainly be upsetting! At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, we are prepared to help patients who require urgent treatment for a tooth that is at risk for being lost. We encourage our patients to reach out to us in a situation that calls for emergency dental work. Upon providing this work, we can take care to fully restore the health of a tooth that is in jeopardy. If your tooth is too badly damaged, or if you were not able to make your appointment in time to save it, we can also discuss prosthetic dental services.

Make Sure Your Tooth Is Cared For Before You Arrive At The Dentist’s Office

When you call our practice to arrange emergency treatment, we can talk to you about how to properly care for the tooth when traveling to see us. If the tooth is unstable, carefully try to keep it in place, and avoid putting pressure on it if you worry that any further contact will loosen it. If the tooth is knocked out and cannot be comfortably set back in its place, you can keep it moist by carrying it in a container with milk or water. If you use water, a small amount of salt can be beneficial.

You May Need A Root Canal For Your Injured Tooth

In order to fully protect your tooth, it may be necessary to perform a root canal procedure. A root canal can ensure that there are no internal issues with the tooth that might create problems for you. While a root canal treatment is often used to deal with cavities, it can be necessary any time there is a concern that the inner chamber of your tooth is damaged or infected.

How Will Your Dental Injury Affect Your Smile And Dental Function?

If your tooth is saved, a permanent restoration can be placed on it to keep it stable and healthy. A custom dental crown can be made at our practice, which can make the process of caring for your smile more convenient. We use E4D technology to make attractive restorations in one day, so you can be happy with your results as well as the time it takes to place it.

If it is not possible to save your tooth, a permanent prosthetic appliance can be put in place. With a dental implant, we can secure a crown to the space where your tooth previously resided. the implant is meant to hold the tooth so that you can bite and chew without discomfort.

Your Shrewsbury, MA Dentist Can Help You Take Care Of A Loosened Or Lost Tooth

At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, our patients can see us in situations where they require urgent dental work. To find out more about our practice, and the emergency services we can provide, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at 508-842-8838.