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3 Treatment Options For Poor Teeth Spacing

There are many people who feel that they cannot have true confidence in their smile because they are affected by poor spacing between teeth. If you have doubts about your appearance because of gaps or overlaps, know that your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist can help. In fact, we can offer several solutions for problems with poor spacing. As you learn about your different treatment options, you can find that the right procedure can change the way you feel about your appearance in less time, and with less work, than you thought possible!

1. Tooth Bonding Treatment Can Close A Gap By Restoring An Undersized Tooth

Sometimes, spacing problems are not caused by poor alignment, but are instead the result of issues with teeth that are undersized. A smaller tooth can leave too much space between it and its neighbor, something that can attract unwanted attention. A tooth bonding procedure provides a prompt improvement for this problem. Your treatment will rely on a resin substance that is applied directly to your enamel. It can be applied carefully to make the tooth look large enough to hide that extra space and still serve as a natural fit for your smile.

2. Use Porcelain Veneers To Cover Gaps And Overlaps Between Teeth

Milder spacing issues can be addressed without orthodontic treatment. You can meet with your dentist to find out how porcelain veneers might be able to help you correct problems with poor spacing. Veneers are custom-made restorations that cover the fronts of our teeth. When they are affixed to your enamel, they can make desirable changes based on your needs and concerns. In addition to hiding gaps and overlaps, they can cover discoloration, hide any chips or cracks that affect your enamel, and make desired changes to tooth shape and size.

3. Discreetly Fix Alignment Problems With Invisalign

For many, the right solution to alignment problems will be orthodontic treatment. With that said, you may be able to enjoy a discreet treatment option that lets you eat and care for your smile like normal. With Invisalign appliances, we can make your experience with corrective work easier. You will not have to worry about your aligners altering your smile, and you will also be free to remove them whenever you need to brush and floss your teeth.

Talk To Your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA Dentist About Your Teeth Spacing Issues

Spacing issues can hurt a person’s smile, leaving them self-conscious about the way they look and eager to make a changes to their appearance. Because we offer several options for cosmetic care, our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dental office can help you find the approach that truly suits you! If you are interested in learning more, or if you have any other concerns about your appearance or oral health, please call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.