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Trusting Dental Implants To Hold Dentures

When you think about what dentures can do for a person, do you limit yourself to thoughts of how a removable denture can support them? If so, you can overlook the advantages of having this restoration held in place with a set of dental implants. Our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area dentist’s office can provide hybrid dentures. These prosthetic appliances are set in place with a series of carefully placed dental implants that will provide stability and better bite strength. This can make it easier to adjust to life after your prosthetic treatment, and it can help you avoid issues over time that can worsen your health and oral health function.

Are You Ready To Start Using Stable Dentures?

If you are receiving your first denture, or if you have grown unhappy with a removable appliance that feels less comfortable than it used to, you can benefit from learning more about dental implants. The use of a permanently held restoration offers several benefits, and makes it easier for you to feel more like you did when you had your full smile. Implant dentistry lets us secure prosthetic appliances so that they provide effective bite support. Implants also help stabilize neighboring teeth and preserve your jaw health, which will help you avoid trouble in the future.

Planning Implant Placement And Restoration

Implant dentistry gives people affected by tooth loss the chance to restore more than just their smile. Your dental work will help you bite with more confidence, as you will have support form stable dentures, crowns, or other prosthetic appliances. To make sure that you have the right security from these posts, your dentist will carefully evaluate you to determine just the right angle and position for them. After their placement, you will be given time to heal, which will see your jawbone fuse to your implants. At the appropriate time, you will come back to our practice to have your appliance set in position.

What You Gain From Using Implant-Held Dentures

When you bite and chew food with your implant-held dentures, you can actually protect yourself against jawbone deterioration, an issue that affects those impacted by tooth loss. The roots of our teeth stimulate the surrounding bone whenever we bite and chew, creating a signal for the delivery of nutrients to this area. Without that stimulation, the bone loses nutrients and experiences resorption, which can hurt your appearance and oral health. Implants can bring back these signals and stop this from occurring!

Talk To Your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA Dentist About Implant-Held Dentures

Through the placement of dental implants to hold a denture in place, we can give you back your confidence in your appearance as well as your ability to confidently bite and chew. To find out more, please call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.