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Correcting Smile Flaws With Veneers

Do you really have to bring your smile flaws with you into the new year? If you talk to your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office about cosmetic dental work, you can find that you are able to leave embarrassing problems with spacing, discoloration, dental damage, and more behind. We offer different cosmetic services, including treatment with porcelain veneers. These restorations are capable of making lasting improvements over time, as their durable design can keep them in good condition through the years. Their careful construction can also ensure that your procedure will not change the way you look.

Do You Have Smile Flaws That Make You Self-Conscious?

Many people can point out some concerns that they have about the look of their teeth, though some can certainly have more concerns than others. These problems are sometimes connected to naturally occurring problems with your tooth shape and size, but they can also stem from issues that may develop and worsen over time, like discoloration and problems with wear and tear. What may surprise you is how all of these issues can actually be treated at one time when you have porcelain veneers put in place. These restorations provide remarkable improvements by completely covering the front surfaces of your teeth with durable restorations.

Planning A Personalized Cosmetic Treatment With Veneers

The process of placing porcelain veneers will call for two appointments. To see the right results, your restorations should be custom-made for your smile. At your first visit, we will take the measurements that we need to have veneers with the right shape and size crafted. You will also have preparatory work done to make space for them once they are ready. When you come back for your second appointment, we will place these restorations in order to provide welcome smile changes!

Reviewing Other Treatment Options That Can Change Your Appearance

While porcelain veneers are capable of making many welcome changes to the way you look, they are not your only treatment option. You can also explore the benefits of treatments like tooth bonding work, a more conservative solution to problems with wear and tear, damage, and some issues with discoloration. We also have the option of directly targeting teeth stains with professional whitening procedures.

Talk To Your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA Dentist About Treatment With Veneers!

When you start to think about how you want to greet, and spend, the new year, you may want to think about how you can enjoy 2022 while showing off a more attractive smile! Through the placement of porcelain veneers, your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist can offer important solutions for problems with dental discoloration, damage, concerns about misshapen teeth, and more. If you would like to find out more about this or any other service that we offer, please call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.