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What Your Teeth Love About Dental Crowns

Your teeth appreciate an attentive routine of dental care and maintenance. After all, without it, they would soon fall victim to all sorts of troubles, including aches, infections (tooth decay), and cavities, to name just a few. Even more, your smile can appreciate the effort you put into restoring your teeth whenever the need arises. Often, that means receiving a custom-made dental crown, either to cap a tooth that’s been cracked or damaged, or to reinforce a tooth that has recently been treated for a cavity. The good thing about dental crowns is that they can be the most beneficial option in a number of different situations, depending on your smile’s specific needs.

They’re Protective

A dental crown is a restorative dental appliance that is fashioned after the top part of the tooth in question (also called the crown of the tooth). One of the most common uses of a porcelain dental crown is to protect an injured or recently infected tooth. By covering the tooth, a crown can not only help hold your tooth’s structure together, but also absorb the pressures of your bite to help protect the tooth from further damage.

They’re Decorative

Because the porcelain used for dental crowns so closely mimics your healthy tooth structure, they are frequently recommended for cosmetic purposes, such as to improve a tooth that’s chipped or severely stained. If you have more than one tooth that is cosmetically marred, however, you might require a different enhancement than a crown, which can only address one tooth at a time.

They’re Versatile

The conventional functions of a dental crown is to cap a tooth for cosmetic and/or restorative purposes, but when combined with a dental implant, a crown’s abilities also include replacing a lost tooth. A dental implant is small root post that is surgically inserted into your jawbone, and can be affixed with a crown to create a root-and-crown replacement for your lost tooth.


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