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Tooth Loss, Facial Collapse, and Dental Implants

If you lose one or more teeth, then you may consider replacing them simply to restore the gaps left in your smile. After all, people are commonly self-conscious about their smiles, which are among the most notable features of your face (second to the eyes). If an incomplete smile isn’t enough to motivate you to replace your missing teeth, then we explain another compelling reason—the slow decline of your facial appearance due to tooth loss and facial collapse. Fortunately, dental implants can address the continuing consequences of tooth loss

What Happens After Tooth Loss

Losing spaces in your smile is one of the most obvious concerns regarding tooth loss. Unfortunately, not everyone views a gapped smile as a problem. In some instances, it may add character. Whether tooth loss bothers your confidence or not, however, your oral health will continue to suffer and decline the longer you wait to replace a missing tooth.

The remaining teeth may shift to take up the slack, leading to a host of dental issues further down the road. When you lose a tooth’s root, the destruction is slower and more subtle, but left unchecked, can destroy your smile’s entire foundation and lead to the loss of more teeth.

The Appearance of Facial Collapse

Your teeth’s roots are embedded in your jawbone, which supports and nourishes your teeth throughout their lifetime. The roots also help keep your jaw healthy by signaling your body to send nutrients when they’re stimulated by biting and chewing. When a root is lost and stimulation ceases, your jaw’s nutrient supply is reduced. In time, this reduction can lead to the deterioration, which can lead to the loss of more teeth.

As your jaw continues to deteriorate, the shrinkage can be seen in your face and results in the common sunken-jaw look that often adorns the faces of those who’ve spent a great deal of time without most or all of their teeth’s natural roots. By replacing these roots with dental implants, which are surgically inserted into your jawbone, you can help stave off the destruction while restoring your smile to its former glory.


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