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Can You Count On A Bonding Treatment To Hide Dental Flaws?

Smaller chips and cracks may have little effect on the health of your tooth, but they can be a problem for your appearance. Dental damage is one of many potential issues that may affect the overall quality of your smile. Discoloration, problems with the size or shape of a tooth, spacing concerns, as well as general wear and tear may leave you thinking about cosmetic dental work. A dental bonding treatment will see your dentist cover up visible flaws with the surface of problem teeth, which will restore them to a more attractive appearance. A bonding treatment relies on the same material your dentist counts on to create discreet, durable fillings, and this approach can be less costly than having veneers, or a dental crown, placed. 

Undergoing A Dental Bonding Treatment

Your dentist will carefully apply a composite material to your tooth, with the aim of covering whatever problem – or problems – has affected its appearance. That application can make a tooth look brighter, hide minor damages, and even add size to a smaller or shorter tooth. In some cases, a bonding treatment can even out an issue with poor alignment. Because there is no need to have a custom restoration created, you can typically complete a bonding treatment in a single appointment.

Reviewing Your Options For Different Types Of Cosmetic Dental Work

Discussing cosmetic dental work with your dentist can help link you with the best approach to improving your smile. While porcelain veneers can be a more expensive treatment, they can offer greater durability. If you have flaws that affect your tooth’s biting and chewing ability, you may need to have a dental crown placed. Crowns can be made to closely mimic natural teeth, leading to an improvement both to your appearance, and your dental function.

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