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Bothered By Teeth That Look Jagged? Dental Veneers Can Help!

Healthy teeth that look jagged or uneven can be a problem for your smile, even if they are not causing problems for your oral health. Teeth can start to take on a jagged or awkward shape if you have a tendency to grind your teeth, or because of gradual wear and tear from years of biting and chewing. With that said, some people have naturally occurring problems with tooth shape or size that make teeth look awkward and uneven. Porcelain veneers can actually be effective at resolving many different issues with tooth shape and size, including problems with teeth that have a jagged or uneven look to them. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dental office, we can provide patients with veneers that are durable and attractive, allowing us to make long-term smile improvements that they are excited to share with the world!

What Do Veneers Do For A Person’s Smile?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are custom-made based on the measurements of a patient’s teeth. When they are put in place, they effectively restore teeth that have problems with their shape, size, or color. Because these different issues can all be addressed with this one treatment, veneers can be recommended for people with a range of needs. For example, one person can ask about cosmetic dentistry because their smile is uneven or marred by the appearance of jagged teeth, while another can look into care to help with discolored or damaged teeth, but both can be told that veneers are capable of helping them.

Receiving Your Porcelain Veneers

Patients typically receive their veneers over the course of two appointments. Your first visit gives us the chance to measure your teeth and do minor preparatory work to prepare for the placement of your restorations. Once they are ready, we can permanently bond them to the fronts of your teeth after confirming that they are the right shape and size to provide the desired help. At the end of your procedure, you can marvel at how your smile looks better now that it is brighter, more uniform, and free of distracting individual flaws!

Are Veneers Your Only Cosmetic Treatment Option?

While veneers are capable of helping under many different circumstances, we can discuss other procedures that are capable of helping you smile with greater confidence. Tooth bonding services restore teeth that look misshapen, damaged, or discolored without the use of restorations. This can take less preparatory work, and we may be able to complete the work you want done in just one appointment! We also have the option of focusing on dental discoloration and providing a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Veneers!

At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, we can help you take on embarrassing smile flaws like jagged, broken, discolored, or otherwise flawed teeth with porcelain veneers. To find out more, or to make an appointment, please contact our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dental office at (508) 842-8838.