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Effective Treatment Options For Common Smile Flaws

Your comfort with your smile can change gradually over time. While some cosmetic flaws occur naturally, many others develop over time. Some common concerns include worries over dental discoloration, gradual wear and tear, and injuries that leave teeth chipped or cracked. While it can be frustrating to lose faith in your smile because of these issues, you can be relieved to know that treatment can take less time, and require fewer changes, than you anticipate! The right cosmetic dental procedure can make conservative changes that transform your appearance. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dental office, we provide multiple treatment options for those patients who wish to positively change the way they look!

How Do You Currently Feel About Your Smile?

Have you grown unhappy with your appearance because of gradual changes to the color, shape, or general condition of your teeth? Or are you someone who has always had concerns due to issues with tooth shape and color? In either case, you can find that your dentist can identify treatment options that will help. With as little as one procedure, you can be free of issues that affect your confidence – you can come away from a procedure with a whiter, straighter, and more youthful appearance!

Reviewing Your Options For Cosmetic Treatment

What can be done to restore your smile? With porcelain veneers, we can take on several flaws that may have you worried about the way you look. Veneers only cover the front surfaces of your teeth, which means only a conservative procedure is needed to place them. Once in place, they provide coverage for problems like discoloration, dental damage, poor smile alignment, and even issues with the shape of teeth. We can also target these flaws when performing tooth bonding treatment. We should note that we can also directly take on problems with discoloration through teeth whitening treatment, though we may recommend another service if internal tooth issues have affected your smile color.

Using Same-Day Dental Crowns To Restore Your Smile

If dental damage or wear and tear affect your oral health or ability to comfortably bite and chew, we can use dental crowns to restore teeth. Our practice has the technology needed to produce same-day dental crowns that imitate healthy tooth enamel. Because of this, the work of restoring your smile and oral health can take less time than you expect!

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Your Smile Concerns

Our dental office in the Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area is prepared to take on concerns that you may have about your smile. To find out how we can give you more confidence in your appearance, please call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838. We can also help by taking on oral health issues, and we can provide preventive care to help you stay confident in your smile.