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Teeth Brushing 101

You brush your teeth every day – or so we hope – and usually twice a day. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether your brushing habits are living up to their full potential? Do you ever feel like you rush through your nightly brushing, or wonder why your teeth don’t feel as… Read more »

Could Holiday Sweets Cause a Dental Emergency?

The holiday season can be rough on waistlines and wallets, but what about your teeth? While there is nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence in holiday favorites, it is best to enjoy these treats in moderation. The stakes? Try tooth decay, broken teeth, and loose fillings. Here are a few of the most common culprits… Read more »

Spend Some to Save Some: Oral Health Tips

We’re all for scoring a good deal and stretching our dollar, but sometimes you have to spend money to save it. The holidays in particular are a time when families look for ways to cut costs. There is nothing wrong with tracking down the best deals or clipping coupons as long as you keep your… Read more »

How Can I Help My Child Prevent Bad Breath?

As adults, we can often laugh off minor embarrassments—bad breath, for example. We simply pop a breath mint or pull a stick of gum from a purse or desk drawer. For a child, however, unpleasant breath can be both bewildering and extremely humiliating. Adding to the problem, they rarely if ever have access to a… Read more »

A Quick Oral Health Quiz on Teens’ Teeth

When most people think about their years as a teenager, they focus on things like senior prom and getting their driver’s license. What not every teen understands is the importance of establishing healthy habits during this time. Caring for one’s teeth and gums during the formidable teen years is a challenge, but it’s also necessary…. Read more »

No Pain? No Reason to Skip Your Dental Checkups

“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” A common expression, but one that has no place in matters of your oral health.  We always encourage our patients to schedule a full dental checkup and cleaning for once every six months, regardless of whether they have any complaints or discomfort. Preventive care is one of your… Read more »

This or That: Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes these days can do it all, or at least that’s what their manufacturers would have you believe. Really, though, is an electric toothbrush any better or more effective than a good old-fashioned toothbrush? Does one remove more plaque or stimulate the gums more than the other? Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and… Read more »

Insurance Won’t Cover Teeth Whitening? Try This Instead

We often receive questions from patients about whether dental insurance covers such cosmetic treatments as teeth whitening. The answer varies from one plan to another, but this does not mean that your insurance benefits cannot go toward improving the look of your smile. Professional teeth cleaning and twice-a-year dental exams go a long way toward… Read more »

Holiday Favorites That Can Ruin Your Teeth

We know you’re busy during the holidays, whether shopping for gifts, cooking for potlucks, or traveling out of town to visit with your family. It’s easy to let your oral health slip to the back of your mind, but it’s hard to undo the damage. Stained teeth in Shrewsbury, MA aren’t the most enjoyable way… Read more »

“Hooray for Halloween Candy!” Says No Dentist Ever

Like most parents, you’ll spend the evening ferrying your costumed children from door to door in search of candy. As much as you (and your dentist) would appreciate a sugar-free Halloween, the reality is that you’ll spend the next few days rationing the loot and hoping for the best. Dr. Todd Pizzi, a general dentist… Read more »