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How to Teach Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Brushing your teeth becomes second nature when you are an adult, but we all had to start somewhere: Children need the guidance of their parents to learn the proper way to brush. It’s important to teach your kids how to brush their teeth, so they establish healthy oral hygiene habits from an early age. The… Read more »

The Stages of Gum Disease

We’ve covered the basics of gum disease, the inflammation of the mouth’s soft tissue and bone that holds the teeth in place, in our recent gum disease crash course, but it’s also important to know the stages of gum disease so you can stay on alert. Gum disease is a common ailment — half of American… Read more »

3 Tips To Keep Your Mouth Clean

As many may know, bacteria live inside your mouth. From time to time, the bad bacteria can gain an advantage on the good due to lack of oral hygiene, habits, and other potential health issues. If this occurs, gum disease and tooth decay can flourish in side your mouth. The key to reducing the chance… Read more »

Ultrasonic Scaling: The Future Of Dentistry?

Plaque accumulates on your teeth throughout the day. It’s inevitable. That plaque can actually turn into what’s called tartar: a hardened substance that facilitates gum disease and tooth decay, if you do not brush and floss routinely. You also need to scheduled dental visits to ensure your mouth is healthy. Unfortunately, gingivitis and more serious… Read more »

Take the Quiz: How Healthy Are Your Teeth?

Maybe you’re an Eagle Scout when it comes to caring for your teeth; or, maybe you’ve misplaced your toothbrush one too many times. Healthy habits are the building blocks for a healthy smile, and your grin could be displaying some signs of trouble to come if you’re not practicing proper care. The good news is… Read more »

How Well Do You Know Dental Plaque?

You encounter it every day, perhaps most noticeably when you first wake up in the morning. Still, you might not know dental plaque as well as you should, particularly what it’s made of and why it’s a threat. Hopefully, you know enough to brush and floss plaque off of your teeth at least twice every… Read more »

How Has Your Dental Hygiene Held Up?

At the moment, your teeth might feel just fine, and your hygiene routine may seem perfectly adequate. You may skip brushing or flossing once in a while, and you might have missed your last dental checkup appointment, but your teeth and gums still appear healthy. The problem is that dental issues don’t announce their presence… Read more »

Tooth Enamel–Your Teeth’s First Line of Defense

You may have heard quite a bit about tooth enamel. You may even know that tooth enamel is the strongest substance that your body produces. If you’re like some people, however, you may also wonder why you get cavities if the tissue that protects your teeth is second only to diamond in terms of strength…. Read more »

Easily-Preventable Causes of Bad Breath

When it comes to your dental health, much of what may seem inevitable is actually directly under your control. For instance, even though cavities affect over 90% of adults, they are highly-preventable with good hygiene and dental care. Likewise, persistent bad breath is often the result of something you do, or don’t do, that could… Read more »