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The Tooth Loss Dream: What Does It Mean?

There are some dreams that seem to happen to everyone at some point, from the humiliating (homeroom, no pants) to the surreal (flying over rooftops). We usually laugh these dreams off, but what about the unsettling dream—nightmare, even—in which your teeth fall out? At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, we don’t really consider ourselves expert dream… Read more »

Psst…There’s a Trash Bag in Your Toothpaste

What is it about microbeads that have made them such a popular ingredient in health and beauty products these days? Driven by the desire to scrub away dirt, oils, and stains, it seems that we’ll do just about anything to finally be “clean,” including using exfoliators. What not everyone understands, however, is that these tiny… Read more »

Are Your Braces Causing Those White Spots on Your Teeth?

At first it seems like a win-win situation. Your teeth are gradually becoming straighter, and now all of a sudden they’re becoming whiter, too? Don’t celebrate just yet, says Dr. Todd Pizzi, who offers several types of braces in Shrewsbury, MA, cautions that white spots aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. We’re not talking… Read more »

Why Is Hiding Bad Breath a Bad Idea?

Even the most hygienic person experiences a bout of bad breath on occasion, but for others the problem is more severe. Chronic bad breath, also called halitosis, is more persistent and can linger long after you’ve brushed your teeth. Others with halitosis report that the unpleasant odor returns within a few hours of their morning… Read more »

The Hidden Oral Health Threat in Your Swimming Pool

Swimmer’s ear. Sunburns. Hair tinged green by chlorinated water. It’s no secret that swimming in a pool comes with its share of minor inconveniences. What many don’t realize is that spending hours in the pool can also have consequences for your teeth. Dr. Todd Pizzi, who offers dental exams and teeth cleaning in Shrewsbury, MA,… Read more »

Invisalign and ClearCorrect: Clearly Superior Straightening

When patients come to us with questions about teeth straightening, they often do so strictly for aesthetic reasons. What they don’t always realize is that having straighter teeth has other benefits, too, especially where your oral health is concerned. Dr. Todd Pizzi, who offers clear braces in Shrewsbury, MA, discusses available options for straightening errant… Read more »

How to Safely Remove Popcorn from Your Teeth

Whether you’re at the movies, at home watching a movie, or simply want a light, non-filling treat, popcorn is often the snack of choice. As pleasing as it is to your palate, though, popcorn is notorious for working its way between your teeth and gums, sometimes remaining for days, weeks, or longer, until your mouth… Read more »

Unveiling the Point of Your Dental Checkups

Since childhood, most people have learned how to brush and floss their teeth, and the point of doing so every day. However, besides spending a few minutes at the sink with your toothbrush and floss, effective hygiene also requires professional dental attention every once in a while (as often as your dentist recommends). The point… Read more »

Why Even Minor Toothaches Could Be Serious

Does your tooth seem slightly sensitive when you drink a hot or cold beverage, or bite into a hot or cold piece of food? Like most other forms of discomfort, toothaches occur with varying degrees of severity, from minor nuisances to serious, sometimes-debilitating aches and pains. Though minor tooth sensitivity might not be an immediate… Read more »

Learn How to Brush & Floss Properly

You might think, “I’ve been brushing and flossing my whole life, I know how to do it.” The simple routine is designed to keep your teeth clean between your regular dental checkups and cleanings. Since over 90% of adults in America have been affected by tooth decay in their permanent teeth, and around 80% have gum… Read more »