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How Well Do You Know Dental Plaque?

You encounter it every day, perhaps most noticeably when you first wake up in the morning. Still, you might not know dental plaque as well as you should, particularly what it’s made of and why it’s a threat. Hopefully, you know enough to brush and floss plaque off of your teeth at least twice every… Read more »

How Has Your Dental Hygiene Held Up?

At the moment, your teeth might feel just fine, and your hygiene routine may seem perfectly adequate. You may skip brushing or flossing once in a while, and you might have missed your last dental checkup appointment, but your teeth and gums still appear healthy. The problem is that dental issues don’t announce their presence… Read more »

Tooth Enamel–Your Teeth’s First Line of Defense

You may have heard quite a bit about tooth enamel. You may even know that tooth enamel is the strongest substance that your body produces. If you’re like some people, however, you may also wonder why you get cavities if the tissue that protects your teeth is second only to diamond in terms of strength…. Read more »

Three Reasons Not to Ignore Your Dental Checkups

Attending your routine dental checkups and cleanings are as essential to your good dental health as brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Yet, many people don’t consider it the priority that it should be, and might either forget, or simply neglect, to attend every appointment. Unfortunately, such neglect may be a significant reason why… Read more »

The Worrisome Truth About Snoring and Sleep Apnea

If you happen to pass by a family member’s room at night and hear snoring coming from within, you might be tempted to laugh. If your sleeping partner snores, however, it might not be as humorous as you lose your rest, or wake suddenly from the noise just as your falling asleep. Besides the noise,… Read more »

What Bruxism Does To Your Teeth

Of all the issues that can affect your dental health, like cavities that rot your teeth or gingivitis that attacks your gums, you might not consider your own teeth a threat to themselves. Yet, if you experience bruxism, or unconscious (and therefore uncontrollable) teeth-grinding, then your teeth may be in grave danger of excessive wear,… Read more »

Teeth Brushing 101

You brush your teeth every day – or so we hope – and usually twice a day. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether your brushing habits are living up to their full potential? Do you ever feel like you rush through your nightly brushing, or wonder why your teeth don’t feel as… Read more »

Spend Some to Save Some: Oral Health Tips

We’re all for scoring a good deal and stretching our dollar, but sometimes you have to spend money to save it. The holidays in particular are a time when families look for ways to cut costs. There is nothing wrong with tracking down the best deals or clipping coupons as long as you keep your… Read more »

How Can I Help My Child Prevent Bad Breath?

As adults, we can often laugh off minor embarrassments—bad breath, for example. We simply pop a breath mint or pull a stick of gum from a purse or desk drawer. For a child, however, unpleasant breath can be both bewildering and extremely humiliating. Adding to the problem, they rarely if ever have access to a… Read more »