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Dr. Pizzi on Age-Related Dental Myths

Maybe you have heard that only older adults are prone to tooth loss, or that certain age groups are not at risk of developing certain oral health problems. One thing is certain: regular dental checkups and a diligent oral hygiene regimen are important for patients of all ages. For most patients, regardless of age, the… Read more »

A Quick Oral Health Quiz on Teens’ Teeth

When most people think about their years as a teenager, they focus on things like senior prom and getting their driver’s license. What not every teen understands is the importance of establishing healthy habits during this time. Caring for one’s teeth and gums during the formidable teen years is a challenge, but it’s also necessary…. Read more »

No Pain? No Reason to Skip Your Dental Checkups

“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” A common expression, but one that has no place in matters of your oral health.  We always encourage our patients to schedule a full dental checkup and cleaning for once every six months, regardless of whether they have any complaints or discomfort. Preventive care is one of your… Read more »

Insurance Won’t Cover Teeth Whitening? Try This Instead

We often receive questions from patients about whether dental insurance covers such cosmetic treatments as teeth whitening. The answer varies from one plan to another, but this does not mean that your insurance benefits cannot go toward improving the look of your smile. Professional teeth cleaning and twice-a-year dental exams go a long way toward… Read more »

Drink Your Milk, Impress Your Dentist

“Drink your milk!” How many times did you hear your parents and teachers admonish you to finish your milk for strong, healthy bones. Calcium and vitamin D, both essential for strong bones, are also great for your oral health. As with your bones, your teeth are more resilient and less prone to cracks and fractures… Read more »

Simple Smile Tips From Your Shrewsbury, MA Dentist

The good news about having a great smile is that it requires surprisingly little effort on your part. It’s much easier than, say, having great hair—you won’t need any expensive mousses and sprays, fancy styling tools, or costly highlights. Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist in Shrewsbury, MA, shares tips on getting (and keeping) attractive,… Read more »

The Dangers of Nibbling Your Nails

From a telltale twitch to sweaty palms, we all have different methods of coping with stress, anxiety, and even boredom. Most of these nervous tics are harmless, albeit annoying. Others, such as smoking cigarettes do more harm than good. Then there are those in-between bad habits that would appear to cause no harm. Biting your… Read more »

Why Is Hiding Bad Breath a Bad Idea?

Even the most hygienic person experiences a bout of bad breath on occasion, but for others the problem is more severe. Chronic bad breath, also called halitosis, is more persistent and can linger long after you’ve brushed your teeth. Others with halitosis report that the unpleasant odor returns within a few hours of their morning… Read more »

Cat Videos, Selfies, and…Bad Medical Advice?

Ah, the Internet. It’s almost impossible to imagine what life would be like if we were suddenly and unjustly deprived of the ability to surf the Web. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist office, we can appreciate the speed and ease with which we can find information online. On the other hand, we can’t help but… Read more »

Oral Cancer: A Threat at Any Age

With age comes great wisdom and experiences, not to mention a number of health risks. Although it’s true that some medical problems are more common among older men and women, this does not mean that someone can be excluded by virtue of age alone. Take gum disease and oral cancer, for example. Although these conditions… Read more »