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This or That: Tooth Contouring vs. Clear Braces

Not everyone can agree on what makes a person beautiful, but no one can deny the magnetic appeal of a gleaming, perfect smile. Pearly white is a great starting point, but the color of your tooth enamel isn’t the only factor affecting your appearance. Also important are the straightness, spacing, size, and shape of each… Read more »

Why the Class of 2015 Is Bidding Adieu to Heavy Metal

With less than a month until Shrewsbury ISD schools and universities re-open for the new school year, students and their parents are rushing to take care of last-minute details. It’s an exciting time for everyone, but high school seniors and college freshman in particular have much to look forward to. Appearances aren’t everything, but the… Read more »

Are Your Braces Causing Those White Spots on Your Teeth?

At first it seems like a win-win situation. Your teeth are gradually becoming straighter, and now all of a sudden they’re becoming whiter, too? Don’t celebrate just yet, says Dr. Todd Pizzi, who offers several types of braces in Shrewsbury, MA, cautions that white spots aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. We’re not talking… Read more »