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Should You Bridge the Gap or Let It Go?

We appreciate a unique smile as much as the next, but sometimes the things that make your smile different can also pose threats to your oral health. Gaps between teeth are a perfect example. A small gap between front teeth adds character, some would say, but an entire missing tooth? Not so much. And if… Read more »

Common Downfalls of Dentures | Shrewsbury, MA Dentist

Although dentures remain somewhat popular, they are no longer the dental prosthetic of choice for many dentists and patients. Problems such as improper fit, interference with speech, and a reduced sense of taste are commonly cited as reasons for switching to more stable prosthetics, such as dental implants in Shrewsbury, MA. Dr. Todd Pizzi discusses… Read more »

Mitigating the Effects of Tooth Loss: Dentures, or Do Nothing?

Remember how exciting it was to lose a tooth as a child? Losing teeth was easy money, thanks to the Tooth Fairy. As an adult, losing a tooth has more serious implications for your oral health, not to mention your wallet. Fortunately, Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury offers several options for replacing permanent teeth. Dr. Todd… Read more »