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3D Printer – Learn More

Have you been hearing the excitement about 3D printers lately? Yes, just like it sounds, it is a machine that literally prints out objects in three dimensions. With the use of special materials and programming, the printer can make just about anything your brain can conjure up. […]

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Celtic Woman Performance

If you’re a fan of music in general with a penchant for extraordinary vocal skills and string instruments, then you’re in for a serious treat. Call up your friends, gather up your family, and plan an evening with Celtic Woman for a night full of melodies you won’t soon forget. […]

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Saturday Morning Birdwalk

Do you enjoy weekend outings with the family, particularly in the earlier hours of the day when all is peaceful and nature is still cool and inviting during the summer months? If so, this may be just the event for you. Gather up the fam (and your collection of binoculars) and head out of Shrewsbury […]

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Learn to Row Day

Have you ever seen a rowing event and thought to yourself, “Wow! That looks grueling – but I’d really like to try it out!” If so, you are in for a serious treat. If you’d like to learn to row, this is a wonderful opportunity to grab a friend or two (or show up on […]

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Author Fair Near Shrewsbury

Have you always been a fan of literature? Do you find that your day is not complete until you’ve read through a few pages of the book sitting on your bedside table? Whatever type of reader you consider yourself, you may be interested in heading to Worcester to meet some local authors for a little […]

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