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Family-Friendly Music & Reading Event

Books and beats come together at this upcoming family-friendly event that combines reading with music. Book Beats is a program with lively music and reading. The event is geared toward children under the age of 5 years old, though all ages are welcome. The event will feature book readings mixed with singing and movement to… Read more »

Local Family-Friendly Knitting Class

Learn a new craft and enjoy some quality family time at this upcoming family-friendly event in Shrewsbury: The next session of Knit 2 Together classes for adults and children will allow you to bond with the kid in your life as you learn a new hobby together. Knitting is a hands-on activity that encourages the… Read more »

Shrewsbury Event Encourages Young Readers

Encourage your new reader to get excited about reading while practicing their skills at this weekend’s local Shrewsbury library event. “Read to a Dog” is a kid-friendly event that pairs certified therapy dogs with young readers to encourage children to love reading. The event, hosted by local therapy pet program Paws for People, is focused… Read more »

Family-Friendly Friday Night in Shrewsbury

Enjoy a Friday night out that’s suitable for the whole family with the upcoming “GLOW Jump” at Pump It Up in Shrewsbury, MA this Friday. Pump It Up is a unique play-place filled with a variety of inflatable slides, bounce houses and games, in addition to attractions, rides and arcade games suitable for all ages. This… Read more »

When You Do Good, You Feel Good

Doesn’t it feel great to do something nice for another person? Whether it’s donating to a favorite charity or giving up your seat on a crowded bus, there’s something especially gratifying about putting your time and energy to good use. At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, we think teaching our patients how to have a bright,… Read more »

Could a Smile Makeover Improve Your Job Prospects?

If you’re a recent college graduate or between employers right now, you’ve surely noticed that competition for the best jobs is intense. It’s no wonder that so many professionals in the Shrewsbury area have turned to home businesses and startups to boost their earning potential. Whether you work for yourself or for the man upstairs,… Read more »

How Is Your Mouth Like a Motor?

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that your teeth have a great deal in common with your car? Probably not, but we certainly have. Dr. Todd Pizzi, a dentist at Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, shares some of the most notable similarities between the two, encouraging patients to be proactive about their oral… Read more »

Upcoming Events for Shrewsbury Arts Lovers

Think of your smile as a work of art. Which famous artwork best represents how you feel about your smile? Perhaps your wry Mona Lisa smile hides stained or chipped teeth. Worse yet, maybe the painting that most closely represents your smile is “The Scream” by Edvard Munch! With help from Dr. Todd Pizzi, your… Read more »

Fun, Family, and Fitness: Time to Get Physical | July 2014

The days are getting longer,and what better way to take advantage than by spending time outdoors with your family? From a casual game of Frisbee to an organized team sport, physical activity makes for a happier, healthier outlook. Actually, physical fitness and oral health have a stronger relationship than you may have thought. Tooth decay… Read more »

Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury’s (Free!) Community Event Picks for July 2014

At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, we know that each of our patients is more than just a mouth. You have your own stories, interests, and dreams, just as we do. In today’s post, we’ve rounded up an eclectic selection of free, fun, and fascinating community events in and around Shrewsbury for July 2014. Shrewsbury Farmers’… Read more »