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Can I Count On A Whitening Toothpaste To Improve My Smile?

Many brands offer toothpastes that boast of extra whitening power, but you may be uncertain of their effectiveness. While a whitening toothpaste can help you eliminate surface stains from your enamel, they are limited in their ability to help beyond this. What this means is you may still have discoloration because of stains that have… Read more »

Making Sure The Results Of Your Teeth Whitening Last

You can see amazing improvements made to your smile when you undergo a professional whitening treatment. However, it can be hard to feel too excited about those changes if you are worried that the results may not last. Fortunately, your dentist can provide support in the form of a take-home whitening kit. The kit will… Read more »

Want To Spend 2018 With Whiter Teeth? We Can Help!

What kind of changes are you hoping to make for the new year? If you have been putting up with nagging insecurities about your smile, 2018 may be just the right time to show off big improvements with the help of cosmetic dental work. One common point of frustration for people is that their teeth,… Read more »

When Your Dental Discoloration Persists After Whitening

If you feel dissatisfied with a store bought whitening treatment, or let down by a toothpaste that promises to brighten your smile, you may be interested in a professional whitening treatment. With a treatment provided by your dentist, so you can remarkable improvements, as the whitening agents used can attack stains found in deeper layers… Read more »

Making The Results Of Your Whitening Treatment Last

If you are interested in a professional whitening treatment, you should know that you are one appointment away from having your smile look brighter by several shades. In fact, many patients will discover that their teeth are up to eight shades brighter after a single forty five minute session! Of course, while your initial results… Read more »

3 Possible Reasons Your Teeth Have Lost Their Whiteness

One marker of a healthy, attractive smile that many people take notice of is the whiteness of your teeth. A bright smile is something people often desire, as it can do wonders for your appearance. Unfortunately, there are several potential threats that can dull your teeth, and leave you self-conscious about them. With the right… Read more »

A Whitening Treatment Offers Big Changes In One Appointment

You would expect that a treatment capable of making big changes to your appearance would take up a considerable amount of time, right? As improbable as it may seem, your dentist’s professional whitening treatment can make big changes to your appearance after just one visit. The procedure is capable of brightening the layers of your… Read more »

Brighten Your Stained Teeth Fast!

No matter how much you brush, floss, or rinse you’re more than likely going to endure stained teeth at some point in your life. Although stained teeth aren’t a major concern for your overall oral health, it can have a big effect on your smile’s esthetics. Discoloration can leave you with a smile that is… Read more »