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Have Your Tooth Restored Sooner With An E4D Dental Crown

If your tooth is in a vulnerable state – either because of a physical injury, an advanced cavity, or any other cause – protection should be provided with a dental crown. Crowns offer total protection by covering the entire area of your tooth that rises past your gum line. That support creates a degree of… Read more »

Restoring Your Tooth – And Your Smile – With A Ceramic Crown

When a patient comes in needing restorative dental care, they can worry about the state of their tooth, but the state of their smile can also be on their mind. After all, a conspicuous restoration can draw unwanted focus and throw off the uniformity of your smile, hurting its overall quality. If you are currently… Read more »

Dental Support Arrives In Less Time With Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns offer important support for teeth that need it. Crowns are often placed on teeth that have suffered cavities too large for dental fillings to protect. However, it is possible you will need a crown if you have an injured tooth. In other cases, it can protect a tooth that lacks the size to… Read more »

Dental Crowns Can Restore Your Smile

If you have recently sustained a crack, chip, or cavity in your tooth, the entire structure of that tooth could be compromised. Having a structurally compromised tooth can lead to an unhealthy bite, which can cause even more damage to the compromised tooth, as well as the rest of your mouth. Your dentist can help… Read more »

What Are The Benefits Of A Dental Crown?

Cavities or cracks in your teeth can have a number of adverse effects on your oral health. Besides negatively affecting your smile’s appearance, it can cause you to have an unhealthy bite, as well as make you vulnerable to infection. Thankfully, your tooth’s appearance and overall health can be improved with a dental crown. In… Read more »

Why You Might Need A Crown

There are a variety of dental treatments to choose from depending upon your issue. One of them is a dental crown. Dental crowns offer complete coverage of a damaged or compromised tooth. So, if your tooth is too damaged or too decayed for other restorative or cosmetic treatments to suffice, you may need a dental… Read more »

What Are Dental Crowns Used For?

There are several different dental treatments to choose from when needed. Of course, you need to consider certain aspects such as price, what dental problem you are trying to fix, where the problem is located in your oral cavity, whether or not the treatment is conservative or invasive, what materials to choose, how long the… Read more »

 3 Surprising Facts About Dental Crowns

  When you have a tooth that has surpassed the line of damage that can be treated with a filling, it may be time for a dental crown. A well-placed crown can help protect your tooth from more damage in the onslaught of plaque and tartar that your mouth battles everyday. Some interesting facts about… Read more »

Could a Dental Crown Fix Your Smile?

Are you worried that a cavity has progressed to the point of an infection? Maybe your dentist has already informed you that you need root canal therapy, or some other form of restorative dental treatment. Fortunately, dental crowns can frequently be used to help restore the oral health, and improve the overall appearance of the… Read more »

Dealing with Cavities Through Dental Crowns

No one wants to learn he or she has a cavity. Thankfully modern dentistry means a simple cavity doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world, or your smile as you know it. Dental crowns not only help protect a tooth made fragile by a cavity, by providing a tight seal, but they… Read more »