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What Bruxism Does To Your Teeth

Of all the issues that can affect your dental health, like cavities that rot your teeth or gingivitis that attacks your gums, you might not consider your own teeth a threat to themselves. Yet, if you experience bruxism, or unconscious (and therefore uncontrollable) teeth-grinding, then your teeth may be in grave danger of excessive wear,… Read more »

Attack of the Acids! Understanding Enamel Erosion, Pt. 2

In an earlier post, we discussed the causes and harmful effects of acid erosion on tooth enamel. Sensitivity, weakened teeth, and changes in appearance are all possibilities, so it is important to seek guidance from your dentist in a timely fashion. The consequences of erosion are not just limited to aesthetic problems; they also endanger… Read more »

Attack of the Acids! Understanding Enamel Erosion, Pt. 1

It is no secret that drinking soda subjects your teeth to an unhealthy amount of sugar and acid, but not everyone realizes that many “healthy” foods can harm tooth enamel, too. When acid from our food or drinks comes into contact with tooth enamel, it gradually wears away this protective layer. As a result, you… Read more »

How Do Allergies Affect Oral Health?

As if a rash, runny nose, and ticklish throat weren’t uncomfortable enough, many patients who have allergies also experience oral symptoms. On top of discomfort, some of these concerns can actually have more severe consequences for teeth and gums. We’ve compiled some key points to consider if you suffer from allergies of any kind. By… Read more »

Dr. Pizzi on Age-Related Dental Myths

Maybe you have heard that only older adults are prone to tooth loss, or that certain age groups are not at risk of developing certain oral health problems. One thing is certain: regular dental checkups and a diligent oral hygiene regimen are important for patients of all ages. For most patients, regardless of age, the… Read more »

Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Eat?

How is that something as seemingly harmless as a sip of hot coffee or even a bite of soft-serve ice cream can cause such discomfort for your teeth? Sensitive teeth affect an estimated one out of every twelve Americans, creating a very real challenge for both their hygiene and their diet. Before you can treat… Read more »

Just How Tough Are Your Teeth?

Let’s face it: Teeth are weird. At least that is how it seems some of the time. Picture this: It’s the day of the big game, and you’re going all out on the snack front. Throughout the day you tuck into chicken wings, beef jerky, and the toughest burger you’ve ever had the dubious pleasure… Read more »

Like You Needed Another Reason to Stop Smoking…

Nobody is perfect; we all have our tics and bad habits. Some of these habits are more detrimental to our health than others. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are perfect examples of bad habits that can practically destroy your teeth and gums. As we near the holiday season, a time for giving thanks and celebrations, we… Read more »

Aging Gracefully With Cosmetic Dentistry

Past a certain point, it’s sometimes hard to get excited about yet another birthday. We see no reason for this; after all, some things (and people) just get better with age. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with taking certain steps to ensure that you age gracefully. Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist in Shrewbsury, MA,… Read more »