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Root Canal Q&A

We often find that patients have a knee-jerk reaction to the news that they have an infected tooth and require root canal therapy. Fortunately, we are here to reassure you that root canal treatments save the health of your tooth, allowing you to return to complete comfort and oral health. Rather than losing your tooth… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Treatment

Have you begun to wonder why you are suffering from daily fatigue even though you experience sound sleep on a nightly basis? If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may not actually be getting as much shut-eye as you think. Not quite sure what this disorder entails but you find that you are feeling intrigued? We encourage… Read more »

Take the Quiz: How Healthy Are Your Teeth?

Maybe you’re an Eagle Scout when it comes to caring for your teeth; or, maybe you’ve misplaced your toothbrush one too many times. Healthy habits are the building blocks for a healthy smile, and your grin could be displaying some signs of trouble to come if you’re not practicing proper care. The good news is… Read more »

A Quiz on Cavities!

If you had a cavity, would you know it? As it progresses, definitely, since the tooth decay that causes the cavity can also cause your teeth to hurt occasionally (more frequently the worse it gets). However, in its earliest stages, cavities aren’t always noticeable. Therefore, the best way to protect your teeth from tooth decay… Read more »

Celebrate the New Year in Worcester

The New Year is quickly approaching – time to set resolutions for a happier, healthier year ahead. If you ask us, we suggest including making a special effort to schedule your six-month checkups and cleanings for a beautiful smile that lasts well beyond 2015. In the meantime, consider celebrating with the community at First Night… Read more »

Fun, Family, and Fitness: Time to Get Physical | July 2014

The days are getting longer,and what better way to take advantage than by spending time outdoors with your family? From a casual game of Frisbee to an organized team sport, physical activity makes for a happier, healthier outlook. Actually, physical fitness and oral health have a stronger relationship than you may have thought. Tooth decay… Read more »

Not So Crazy about Vertical Tooth Fractures

The enamel on your teeth can be compared to a porcelain doll. While synthetic enamel is strong enough to take a beating as a child’s play thing, after a while, tiny cracks will begin to appear on the porcelain. Your teeth are covered with enamel, and even if it is the strongest substance in your… Read more »

Save Toothpicks for Non-Dental Pursuits

Are you the type of person who likes to grab a toothpick after a meal to clean out your teeth? With a name like toothpicks, what else are you supposed to do with them, right? In fact, you really shouldn’t consider poking so close to your gum tissues with anything sharp. Sure, your dental hygienist… Read more »

How to Safely Remove Popcorn from Your Teeth

Whether you’re at the movies, at home watching a movie, or simply want a light, non-filling treat, popcorn is often the snack of choice. As pleasing as it is to your palate, though, popcorn is notorious for working its way between your teeth and gums, sometimes remaining for days, weeks, or longer, until your mouth… Read more »

Is Green Good for your Teeth?

Your pH levels inside your body can greatly affect your overall health. Too much acid in your system can make various parts of your body inflamed. This may include your gum tissues. Gingivitis (early gum disease) and periodontitis (advanced gum disease) are conditions of infection and inflammation. Striving to consume a healthy diet with the… Read more »